3 Business Lessons From Chinese Fabric Sellers

Hiii Sissss,

Thank God the weekend is here! I wanted to write to you really quick to discuss 3 Lessons you can learn from Chinese Fabric Sellers.

1) The Chinese fabric seller knows where to find their customers!

I know I'm not the only one that gets a thousand pictures on my Whatsapp every day from China! In fact, I get fabric pictures from multiple Chinese numbers, not in my contacts. The question is: HOW DID THEY GET MY NUMBER!! 

The truth is the online Chinese fabric seller knows that their customers are on Instagram. They know their customers have a link in their bio. They even know what hashtags you follow honey chile! Because they know that you have a link in your bio, they know to come and market to you on Whatsapp. 

Do you know where your fabric customers are? Do you know how to find them? Do you know how to market to them?  Once you are able to answer these 3 questions, your sales will increase.

2) The Chinese fabric seller knows how to stay top of mind - They are CONSISTENT!

To be honest ehn, it's the consistent fabric seller who wins!!! The Chinese will market to their customers EVERY DAY, rain, shine, sleet or snow!!! The only time you will not get those pictures on Whatsapp is during that 2-3 week Chinese New Year Festival!

So the question is ARE YOU CONSISTENT? A lot of people complain of low sales, but are not consistent with marketing. KO LE WORK!

3) The Chinese fabric seller has SYSTEMS in place. 

First, they send you pictures at a certain time of day, EVERY DAY. Second, even their pictures are arranged, with prices. Third, if you order you get an invoice sharply. Fourth, your fabrics are sent. 1,2,3,4. Gbam, Gbam, Gbam, GBAM. NO LONG STORY!

What systems do you have in your fabrics business? Let me not lie to you, THE MONEY IS IN THE SYSTEMS. If you fabrics business is not organized, you will not sell sis. PERIODT. People ask, Addie, how are you doing 7 figures each month? It's all in the systems for my business!!

You can see me talking about these 3 lessons on Instagram Live by clicking here:

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