It's Ok To Be #2


How is your 2023 going?

I was reflecting earlier today and it's crazy how my fabrics business, where I did not sell anything for the first 6 months, is now about to be 5 years old. I have learnt a lot of lessons over the years and I shared some of them on this Instagram Live. You can watch the replay here:

In the video, I shared one major lesson that I think you can apply to your business immediately: 


Awhile back, I was looking for something on Google, and mistakenly my computer took me to Bing (Microsoft's version of google). I HATE when this happens. I look at Bing as the "inferior" search engine...lolll!

I don't know why but something told me to go and research how much Bing is actually worth. When I went to go and check on google, my mouth dropped! BING, IN 2021, WAS WORTH 8.5 BILLION DOLLARS! E CHOOOOOOOOOKKEEE!

Bing understands it will never be Google. It doesn't even try to be. Bing stays in its lane and focuses on customers who may actually prefer them being the smaller company. By doing this, they are still worth billions of dollars. If someone gave you one billion dollars right now, you would jump inside your computer if they asked you too...lmao!

The problem with many of us is that we are always looking to be number one. In business, you can be number two or twenty or fifty, AND STILL MAKE BILLIONS! 

I adapted this principle early on. There are sooooo many top notch fabric sellers online. However, I don't pay attention to what they are doing. I honestly could care I focus on my focus, I'm ok with my Aso-Ebi not being on Bella Naija or society pages. It doesn't stop me from making millions of naira in my fabrics business. I focus on the audience that I have and do my best to serve them well.

So , if you are the type that likes to sleep on other's people pages or groups, so engrossed in how they are making it, please stop today. Focus on yourself and your business. You would be surprised how much money that redirected energy can bring you!  There's nothing wrong with striving to be number one. However, enjoy whatever season you are in as well! This was just one of the many lessons I shared on the live, so please watch when you have time!


Lots of Love,


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