Customers will be eligible for a refund if:

1. Items requested for are OUT OF STOCK after payment.

2. Goods are SIGNIFICANTLY damaged. Customer MUST send proof of damage. Please note the word SIGNIFICANTLY. If some sequins are falling off lace you bought, that is NOT considered significant damage.

3. Goods are COMPLETELY different from what you purchased.

4. Color is COMPLETELY different from what was purchased. We are NO LONGER refunding for camera errors. As we all know some cameras can cause an object to look more brighter or dimmer than it actually is. Colors must be different. For example, you order a pink lace, but get red instead. We will refund in this instance. However, if you ordered a light green lace and once received it’s a lighter or darker green than what you saw, NO REFUND.

5. You do not get goods within specified timeframe THAT IS NOT DUE TO CUSTOMS DELAY. Refunds will ONLY be made 24 hours after last day of expected timeframe. WE WILL NOT REFUND ANY EARLIER.

6. We do not refund based on texture. If you want higher quality materials, please purchase higher priced items.

Hey, I'm Addie! 

I am an entrepreneur, married and a mother of three beautiful girls.

After bagging a PhD in pharmacology from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey, I was really shocked when God instructed me to start a fabrics business.

I love helping women, and I have helped hundreds of women succeed in their fabrics business.

I also run a thriving hair business, Dream Hair Business, which has generated over six figures in USD.

Since 2019, I have sold way over ₦100,000,000 (hundred million Naira) worth of fabrics from my phone.

If you need African fabrics delivered to you conveniently, I got you!


To eradicate poverty by empowering people to build wealth through selling of fabrics.


To serve customers through a convenient online platform and to give them the knowledge on how to build wealth through selling of fabrics.